why Latvia


April 14, 2023

The research system in Latvia is being developed as part of the European Research Area (ERA), implementing measures to synchronise the Latvian research system with the systems of other European Union (EU) member states and to bring the research environment and performance closer to international standards. The priority issues to be addressed within the framework of the science policy are related to the need to increase investment in R&D, promote the renewal of human capital of research and knowledge creation in all fields of science, and develop research infrastructure to increase research and innovation capacity.

Since 2015, science policy in Latvia has been developed in accordance with the Latvian Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) to purposefully focus research and promote knowledge and technology transfer in line with sectoral growth priorities and stimulate social and economic transformation towards the more efficient use of resources and creation of new, higher value-added products and services.

Currently the biggest challenge for research and innovation in the context of RIS3 is changing existing habits to activities that would use resources more efficiently and thus create more added value. We are trying to achieve this goal by increasing investments and reducing institutional barriers. Latvia's research policy is developed in order to create the maximum number of opportunities both in the research and education system and in the business environment.

Science policy is developed by the Ministry of Education and Science in accordance with national development priorities, while the institution responsible for the implementation, management, development and coordination of international policy is the Latvian Council of Science. 

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