Researcher spotlight: Pēteris Lakovskis

Dr. geogr. Pēteris Lakovskis Chairman of the Scientific Council and Head of the Bioeconomy Division, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics.

Pēteris has been actively involved in Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics research management for eight years and is currently leading the National Research Programme project “Sustainable management of land resources and landscapes: assessment of challenges, methodological solutions and proposals”, which is developing an interactive digital landscape atlas and comprehensive alternative scenarios and recommendations for the efficiency and sustainability of land resource use.

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Researcher Spotlight: Miķelis Kirpļuks

Ph. D. Miķelis Kirpļuks, Leading researcher, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. The research interests of chemical technologist Miķelis Kirpļuks are related to the development of innovative polymers and their extraction from renewable and recyclable raw materials, replacing refined petroleum products with more environmentally friendly alternatives. He has successfully leveraged several Fundamental and Applied Research Programme, European Regional Development Fund and European Research Area Networks projects.

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Researcher Spotlight: Ilze Bargā

Dr. sc. comp. candidate Ilze Bargā, Satellite data analyst and satellite data applications developer, researcher, SIA “Baltic Satellite Service” founder and Member of the Board. Ilze Bargā's research and work focuses on satellite data and its practical applications in agriculture, forestry, urban planning and other fields. Ilze has more than 20 years of experience in geographic information systems and their development.

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Researcher Spotlight: Ieva Zemīte

Dr. oec. Ieva Zemīte, Associate professor and leading researcher, Institute of Culture and Arts, Latvian Academy of Culture (LAC), Director of the joint Master’s study program "Creative Industries and Growth Management" at LAC and Riga Technical University. Ieva’s multifaceted professional life encompasses research, student mentorship, creative entrepreneurship, and policy advocacy. One of her recent research interests pertains to the role of creative industries in Latvia’s small towns.

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Research Latvia 2024

The calendar and exhibition "Research Latvia 2024" created by the Ministry of Education and Science, for the seventh year already, tells about twelve Latvian scientists: Dr. oec. Ieva Zemīte, Dr. sc. comp. candidate Ilze Bargā, Ph. D. Miķelis Kirpļuks, Dr. geogr. Pēteris Lakovskis, Dr. biol. Vita Rovīte, Prof. Mārcis Auziņš, Dr. med. Linda Gailīte, Ph. D. Brigita Dejus, Dr. chem. Jānis Veliks, Dr. sc. ing. Rihards Novickis, Dr. phys. Gints Kučinskis, Dr. sc. ing. Sandra Muižniece-Brasava.




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How does science benefit society? What can be done in Latvia to improve the impact of our research?

At the 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Research Latvia", experts discussed how does science benefit society, what can be done in Latvia to improve of our research. Prof. Diana Hicks, Dr. Glenda Kruss, Prof. Julia Melkers, Dr. Agrita Kiopa and Dr. Alvis Brāzma share their experience. 

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The 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Research Latvia"

The Congress is a meeting opportunity for anyone who cares deeply about Latvia and Latvian science. From 27th to 29th June 2023 we gathered together to celebrate the importance of science and honor the achievements of our scientists. We discussed the possible scenarios of how science can face the challenges of Latvia and the world. More than 1,300 participants participated both in person and  remotely. 



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Latvian scientists in brief about ICT

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are a significant sector in Latvian exports and continue rapidly growing. A swift increase of in-house R&D capabilities of leading ICT companies, as well as extensive co-operation with research institutions promise a great potential of the discipline in Latvia. 

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Hidden in glaciers: Kristaps Lamsters & Janis Karuss

The researchers' dream is to get to Antarctica and study the glaciers there. Millions of years past is hidden in glaciers. What are glacial landforms? Are the glaciers already gone? How do drones help in scientific work? Are subglacial lakes hiding centuries-old viruses and different life forms?

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