Bioeconomy research

Bioeconomy systematically seeks new solutions for age-old problems. It encompasses everything related to food, the climate, natural resources, agriculture, and the environment in general. Bioeconomy is not only linguistically similar to biopharmacy and biomedicine, these fields are all interlinked. On a larger scale, bioeconomy contributes to the general security, health, and sustainability of society by tackling a wide range of problems.

Various disciplines related to agriculture, food production, veterinary medicine, fisheries, and forestry are transforming and becoming inseparable from one another, together creating the field of bioeconomy. Almost one-fifth of all Latvian researchers are employed in this field. Given the increasing integration of research with business and the public sector, there is a growing potential for prototyping, market-oriented experimentation, and international cooperation.

Thanks to natural resources, biological heritage, and specific climate features, this field of research involves unique local knowledge. This knowledge has great potential for innovation through integration with science, engineering, and IT. At the same time, social sciences are reshaping our outlook on the contents of bioeconomy. Research and creating new bioproducts go hand in hand with technological innovation.