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ICT for better societies

Information and communications technologies (ICT) for better societies

As new technologies and IT tools change political, economic, and social systems, there is increasing demand to rethink the very foundations of how society functions. Citizen participation is now possible to an unprecedented extent, informed decision-making processes are possible on all levels of governance, and the application of reason has in general become much more feasible.

The smart application of technologies provides more efficient services for individuals and stimulates long-term value creation for society as a whole. The use of in-depth knowledge in social systems and the availability of IT can transform the way we receive better experiences and growth. Intelligent systems and smart environments are illustrated by smart cities, smart agriculture, new modes of mobility, and global changes such as the Internet of Things.

Engineering seeks to construct cyber-physical, bio-technical, and even new biological orders. The combination of technology and neuroscience (e.g., at RTU, UL, RSU) will be critical for future social change. Latvian engineers also contribute to security and social resilience. Research trajectories are shifting from physical to cybersecurity, from creating and applying new materials to exploring a broad range of energy security issues, from responding to challenges created by climate change to supporting sustainable development, all of which are responsible for the quality of human life.