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All issues are social

All issues are social

The internationally funded think tank Providus, which specialises in the socially and politically s most sensitive issues, demonstrates impressive research potential and a direct impact on society at the national level. Internationally renowned experts on regional issues work for private research institutions such as the Centre for East European Policy Studies.

By far one of the most successful scientific institutions in the application of local knowledge to global issues is the Baltic Studies Centre, a private non-profit institute specialising in studying sustainable rural and regional development, agri-food systems, farming, and innovations. It has established cooperation with all the leading universities in the field in the EU and boasts global visibility. The research carried out at the Baltic Studies Centre bridges different  sub-disciplines of social and agricultural science, producing knowledge that is equally relevant for science, business, and regional security.

Social science competences are starting to form a distinct area of excellence in the field of financial technology. Both start-ups and leading financial service providers are increasingly investing in research that enable them to provide better services to their customers using new solutions, from a deeper understanding and application of blockchain technologies to creating additional financial security.