Value creation through application

The field of engineering in Latvia covers a wide range, from solutions for energy production, sustainable buildings, circular industry, to the creation of novel digital solutions and research tools. Modern engineering creates new technologies for medicine, communications, and the bioeconomy.

In Latvia, like elsewhere in the world, engineering entails applying theoretical knowledge to create machines, materials, devices, and systems. The main purpose of these various applications is to create value for people, organisations, and society as a whole. Our engineers pursue this goal in a variety of ways.

The ability to work within a cutting-edge EU-level research infrastructure has increased the number of well-trained researchers and scientists with international experience. A great work culture and increasing government support has made Latvian research competitive in engineering and related fields. In this regard, RTU aspires to become the most prominent hub for engineering in the Baltic Sea Region. Institutes at UL have become strong competence centres as well.