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Natural and national advantages

Natural and national advantages

Latvia’s geographic location offers excellent opportunities for research, especially within the EU, in view of all seasons being equally intense. The climate and the natural environment ensure high quality and ecologically clean food, as well as a variety of flavours, which is reflected in excellent biochemical combinations. Due to climate change, the research being done in Latvia today might be useful for the northern regions in the future.

The geopolitical history of Latvia has also created other unique opportunities. These include unique biodiversity, original horticultural resources, and particularly strong resistance to plant diseases. Thanks to genetic and microbiological mapping, several national databases have been created (e.g., BIOR), which are available for research purposes. The availability of natural resources like soils suitable for agriculture, forests, and natural meadows, provide an environment for undisturbed long-term scientific research.

The unspoilt natural landscapes create potential for tourism and other ecosystem services. Forestry and agriculture could in turn offset the negative carbon impact of other industries in the future.