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New horizons for researching nature and life

New horizons for researching nature and life

Natural sciences occupy a central role in Latvian research with strong institutions, impressive achievements, and long-term potential for promising innovations. Each discipline of natural sciences, from physics to biology, demonstrates notable scientific excellence. The scope of Latvian scientists’ work ranges from quantum particles to the depths of earth.

New findings in the natural sciences expand the horizons of the physical world by linking different spheres and laying the foundations for creating phenomena that have never existed before. The deep impact that contemporary research has often extends ten, twenty, and even more years into the future.

The possibilities of fundamentally re-creating reality and shaping the future are reflected in the highly motivated researchers, the prestige that disciplines have, the support of society, as well as in the increasing interest of the most promising students.

This field can take pride in its experienced experts as well as its promising new scientists. When their enthusiasm is channelled into newly equipped research labs and visionary international projects, clusters of scientific excellence and new leaders of knowledge production are sure to arise.